Index to Lloyd's List Marine News 1740 - 1837

Lloyd’s List is a newspaper devoted to shipping news. In particular it records the movements of ocean going vessels and marine news of casualties, ‘speakings’ and other events involving individual vessels.

This database has been compiled from copies of Lloyd's List deposited at Guildhall Library by Lloyd’s of London as part of the Lloyd's Marine Collection. The database is an index to the marine news section of Lloyd’s List for the period 1740 – 1837. Please note that only the news items are included; the ordinary shipping movements have not been indexed.

The database crosses the change of Calendar from the Old Style Julian Calendar (when the New Year commenced on 25 March) to the New Style Gregorian Calendar (when the New Year commenced on 1 January). For any year prior to 1752, when the change took place, the dates from the beginning of the year to 24 March (inclusive) in modern reckoning are one year later than the year given in Lloyd’s List. Please beware of this when interpreting any dates given between 1 January and 24 March prior to 1752.

The database excludes the years 1742, 1745, 1754, 1756, 1759 and 1778, for which Guildhall Library does not have copies of Lloyd’s List. In addition we have only the Old Style dates January 1 to March 24 for the years 1740, 1743 and 1746.

In publishing this database Guildhall Library wishes to acknowledge the work of the volunteers who carried out the indexing: Marjorie Ranft, Irene Missen, Fiona Gardner and Janet Churcher who started work on the indexing and Joan Dormer and Helen Hodgson whose hard work and dedication over many years has seen the project through to its successful conclusion.

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